Major Purchases

Because I am on SSI, I have an asset limit of $2,000. Since I have a $1,005 savings account, and my cash benefits is $940 – I can not have more than $55 in my checking account. With that being said, I can not save for any significant purchases such as a new phone, or computer. In addition, if I had to replace my TV, that too will be a major purchase. So how do I address major purchases? I have no choice, but to rely on a credit card. Let’s assume that I have to buy a new phone. I will use my credit card to spend the $1,750 (estimate) for the phone, and then I will use all of my discretionary spending to pay off the card as quickly as possible. Since this is more than I can technically afford, I will have to pay interest charges on the purchase. If Social Security was to increase their limits to $5,000 – then I could save for major purchases, and not have to rely on my credit card. Is it fair to have such a low asset limit – not in my opinion, but life is not fair. I make do with what I have, and will address significant costs as they come.