I have a checking account where my income deposits into. From there, I will pay my bills by addressing my credit card that handles my bills. There are a few exceptions to this. My rent comes directly out of my checking account on the first day of the month. I then pay my home internet bill when I get it. All of my other bills hits a credit card which is done by design.

In addition, if I was to receive or send Zelle payments, it will happen through the checking account. As for sending Zelle payments, I will not send money to people I never met no matter how much they plea.

If I needed to deposit money, it would have to be done through a CVS pharmacy (not inside a Target store). I will tell the bank how much I want to deposit, and then the clerk will scan a barcode on the phone, collect the money, and money will deposit in my account. I have done this a couple of times, and it works. Whatever is left after I pay my bills will be discretionary funds.

On January 1, I will transfer the savings I received from my Savings account (about $3.00), and transfer that to my checking account. This is about enough to pay my cheapest bill, but nothing beyond that. Once a year, I will normally receive a rent rebate from the state of Pennsylvania. Any cash back from credit card purchases are applied directly to the respective credit card.