Annual Bills

These bills are charged annually, or bi-annually. This is my preferred method of paying for my services, but finances or service doesn’t allow for annual payments. One example will be my rent. Rent is too expensive to pay annually, and even if it was affordable, the management company only accepts in monthly payments. These bills are noted in my expenses section of this site, but this will go into more detail of when the bill is due. Total is $1,700/year which breaks down to $145/month.

  • January: $170
  • February: $570
  • March: $240
  • April: $0
  • May: $205
  • June: $15
  • July: $235
  • August: $20
  • September: $25
  • October: $170
  • November: $0
  • December: $50

January ($170)

The first month of the year, and there are other firsts such as first annual payment. I am not worried about annual bills right after the holidays as I prepare for such bills. At this time, there is only one bill due in January.


Dreamhost is my primary hosting provider. This service hosts all of my domains with exception of my .tel domains. In example, this site is hosted on Dreamhost. Dreamhost provides for unlimited domain/sub-domain hosting. I also do not have to worry about email addresses, although I usually just use one email, and all of the others are forwarders.


This is my preferred FTP client. I don’t use it often, just when I am creating a new site – but it is still something I am willing to vote for with my money. I in turn receive their pro version, and likely will get support if I should need it.

February ($570)

This is my birth month, and there is no discounts for it being my birthday. Instead, I have a significant bill, and a few much smaller bills that are due this month. They are listed as below.


BackBlaze is my backup service provider. Basically, my computer backs up my files to the server, and if something should happen to my computer, I can buy a new one, and do a restore. Like renter’s insurance, is better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. My music alone is thousands of dollars spent to accumulate – some of the services no longer in service, and therefore can’t acquire the files again.

I have in the case that someone wants to visit my site, and don’t know to go to In addition, it also removes the . between frank and pilone, therefore allowing for such a misspelling. is hosted with Dreamhost, and currently is a redirect to is intended to provide a person with the resource to allow them to enter my name followed by .tel to get information on contacting me. With that being said, it allows as an alternative from


My Private Mailbox is important. It gives me a secured location for my packages, and allows me to keep my residence address private. However, this is at a cost. With that being said, my PMB is a significant $360/year, and provides for all of the services related to receiving mail, and sends me an email when a package is received.

March ($240)

March is a reasonable priced month, and allows me to set aside money either for my savings account, or more discretionary spending. This is because I only have 2 domain registrar fees to cover for. With that in mind, there is little I need to worry about beyond my regular monthly bills.

Delete Me

Delete Me is a service that monitors data collection sites, and sends request to have my information removed. Ever since then, my SPAM has went down to very minimal which in my opinion is worth the service. It is the bulk of my March’s bill, but again – worth it if you can afford it. is intended to provide a single easy to remember and easy to type web address to allow you the visitor to see which domain they will wish to visit. The domain also has a second function, but that is privately for my benefit only, and I won’t go into that.

For the benefit of me, my brother, and his sons – is a domain dedicated to the Pilone family. Because the mother of my niece and nephews never married, and my niece now takes on a different last name, they don’t qualify for the service I provide through this domain. Benefits will included either a WordPress driven site, or a redirect to another site. There is also an email account which will support IMAP, or a forwarding address.

This domain is intended on being a dedicated catch-all email domain. All email going to this address will automatically go to my primary email account. This will allow me to create email addresses on the fly without having to actually create the email account. The web domain will forward to which forwards to my contact site.

April ($0)

May ($205)

May is my second to most expensive month with regards to annual bills. This month is when I pay for my telephone service for my primary line. However, whatever is left goes to savings or discretionary spending.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is my cellular provider for my primary line. This service provides for unlimited voice, unlimited SMS, and unlimited MMS. I also get 5GB of data, and service runs on the T-Mobile network. Since I live in a large city, all three carriers have good coverage. Since I do not go out much, 5GB is more than enough for my needs. I also get select calling and SMS to international countries included with my plan.

June ($15)

June is a very easy month. I just have 1 .tel domain to worry about, but this is my most important .tel domain. With that being said, there is auto-renewal on the domain to assure I would never use it. However, I have been having problems with another .tel domain that support refuses to assist me with. With that in mind, I can no longer recommend a .tel domain to anyone which is a shame as I have really liked the concept. If someone wanted to make a web page with their contact information, they can either do domain.tld/contact or contact.domain.tld. If you would want a website, and don’t know technologies such as XHTML, or PHP, may I recommend WordPress. is my primary contact domain. It offers my telephone numbers, email address, a link to all of my sites, and my postal address. This is the site that is engraved on my pocket knife, wallet, iPad, and earphone’s case. It is also on a name tag for my keys and backpack. Needless to say, it is very integral to my needs. However, with the problems I have been receiving from TELNames, I will no longer promote this domain instead promoting which currently redirects to my .tel domain.

July ($235)

July is a busy month. I have multiple domain registrations to address. I also have my second hosting provider to support as well. I do have a saving grace, and that is my rent rebate (if all works as planned). Even though I have expenses for this month, I will also likely have a good discretionary spending because of the rent rebate. I however never budget with the rent rebate in mind. Instead, I keep my bills with the assumption that I just receive my SSI benefit. Therefore, I won’t overspend.

This domain is for all of my what ifs and if I had this domain. It is all fictional, but gives people an idea of how I think. I also have a wish list on this domain. This domain is typically built once, and remains unless I changed my thoughts about something.

This is my primary website. This domain hosts this website, my blog, and my personal site as well as other websites. With that in mind, I intend on keeping this domain. The initial acquisition of the domain was high (because it is a 3 character domain), however additional renewals is much more reasonable.

This domain was acquired so no one else can have it. I know, it sounds petty, but I wouldn’t put it pass an internet troll to acquire this domain, and make a parody or mockery of me. I actually found such a site about me a long time ago. I know there are probably people that don’t like me, and by acquiring this domain means no one else can have it.

This is my download site. Instead of me sending attachments via email, I will put all of the files I want to include into a .zip file, name it with a date/time stamp, and upload the .zip file to this site. I will then include the link to the file for the recipient to download the file at their choosing. By doing this, I bypass any file limits that my or the recipient’s server may have, and I allow them to decide when to acquire the files.

Renter’s Insurance

If something happens where my items are damaged or stolen, then renter’s insurance will be there for me (that is the plan). I would have a $500 deductible, but my printer alone is more than the deductible. The concept is simple. I file a claim, and the insurance company will send a check for the total of loss – $500.

August ($20)

This month is an easy month which is good considering the significant hit on my budget in July. This month has one domain attached to it, and that is all. is a what if scenario on various styles of houses I would consider owning if I had the money. The main domain would hold all of the common features and similarities with the houses, while each sub-domain would host a particular style of house. All of the sites there will obviously mean I would need a significant amount of money to acquire the house that would meet my needs. This site is a blueprint of such designs.

September ($25)

September is a quiet month, and not very expensive. I have just one domain registrar to concern myself with, and that is easy enough. With that in mind, there is not much more to say about this month.

This site will be a What If I had my own apartment building. This may seem like a waste of money, but it would be my money to do with as I please. hasn’t been built yet (as of 2024-Jan-06), however, I will like to get it started soon.

October ($170)

I have one significant bill this month, and that would be my e-Pager service. I will still set aside money to cover for my bills, but with the higher than usual month that October brings will mean

Pagers Direct

Pagers Direct is my pager service provider. Rather than having a physical pager with me, I use an e-Pager service that is compatible with iPhones by downloading the Pager App from AMC Logic. The app itself is free, but the service is charged to have a pager number, and service. I chose the base package with no additional features other than numeric paging. This means no voicemail, or text paging.

November ($0)

This month is the best month with no annual bills to worry about. There is nothing else to say, but I will still set aside money for my annual bills in this month. By doing that, I assure to myself that I am not suffering with regards to my annual bills.

December ($50)

This month is pretty easy which is good as I give a couple of people I know gifts for Christmas. The only thing I have to worry about is the registrar fees of two domains I have. This keeps things simple, and to the point.

This domain is for my internal redirects. When I want to create a shorter link for a page on my network of websites, then is used. Going to the home page will redirect you to my contact information. This eliminates the need to have to create a dedicate webpage to tell the visitor what the site is about. is my contact site. This site will function as a back-up if TelNames should decide to no longer support any of their customers. My personal experience with support hasn’t been good at all. If I should lose for any reason, this site will exist. For those with desktop computers may even find the expanded information on that site to be better than the just provide contact details that you would find on