Transportation comes in two forms. The first one is when I take a bus to my PMB, or doctor appointments, and general errands. In this regards, I rely on the public bus service. There are two ways to pay for the bus trip. The first is to use their transit fare card which provides a 3 hour pass. The second is to pay $2.75 every time I board the bus. Needless to say, I choose the first option. When my funds drops below $10, I will max the card to $200, and then use the funds as normally. I will assume I spend $20 per month in bus fare. This is probably an over-estimate, but one worth keeping.

The second is when I go for my monthly grocery shopping. Even with me fasting, I still have 4-5 bags of groceries to deal with. It will be hard to try to use the bus service and walk about 5 blocks – again with 4-5 bags of groceries. I pay a friend of mines $35 for taking me there, and bring me back home. This allows me to go to the grocery store that has the best in variety of foods I will buy.