Cost of Razors

When one views my site, they may find that I set aside $10 per month for my hygiene. However, when browsing through the shaving section of a store, they may find cartridge razors as more than that. Since I also shave my head, one might wonder how can I shave with more area to shave at a budget less than what cartridge razors might be. The answer is I don’t use cartridge razors.

In November of 2021, I transitioned from cartridge razors to double-edge razors. The way I did that was I spent money on a Leaf Razor which was a significant amount of money, and then I use 3 half double-edge blades. This is extremely cheap – especially when compared to cartridge razors. I pay 15¢ per week on blades which comes to 65¢ per month. My cheapest cartridge razor was $2.50 per cartridge.

A 100 count of double-edge razors is $10. Since I use three half double-edge per week for the main razor, and 1 half double-edge blade per month for the single blade razor. The main razor will do most of my head and face while the smaller razor goes behind the ear, and under the nose. When I get down to 20 blades, I will order new blades from Amazon which will get to my shipping address in a few days.