Welcome to my budget. This site will go into detail of the monthly income, and expenses I have. This could also prove that one can live on SSI with the right resources, and if they don’t waste their money. In my case, I have subsidized housing, Medicaid, and SNAP (Food Stamps). I go into that on my SSI Site. For those that will want a breakdown of all of my income, the following is applied. I receive $914 from Social Security. This is a significant increase from 2022. I still receive $22.10 in DPA benefits. And last, I receive $126 in SNAP.

My income all together, my income is $1,062. This also includes SNAP which gets spent before my cash (unless I eat out). My bills are $870/month. This leaves me with $192 per month for discretionary spending. This year, I received a significant increase in my SSI benefit. However, I have cut back on a few bills. Whatever is left is discretionary spending since I am limited to what resources I am allowed to have.