Welcome to my budget. This site will go into detail of the monthly income and expenses I have. This could also prove that one can make it on SSI if they don’t waste their money. Of course, you would need to have other resources, and I go into that with my SSI Site. If you are just interested in the final details, my income consists of $840 (Social Security), $22.10 (PA Welfare), and $115 (SNAP) for a total rounded to $975. While I have a couple of dollars above $975, I always budget as if I have $975, and the breakdown I just went through shows how.

My Bills are $845 which consists of everything I spend money on. I will go into more detail about my spending in this site. Simple math tells me that I have $130 in discretionary spending. This is the amount I have to cover for any overages, or other expenses that were not budgeted for. Needless to say, $130 is not a lot of money, however – all of my expected bills are covered for. I also have an emergency fund which will cover any unexpected occurrence that needs to be addressed immediately. Anything beyond that, I have two credit cards – although with high interest rates.