Welcome to my budget. This site will go into detail of the monthly income, and expenses I have. This could also prove that one can live on SSI with the right resources, and if they don’t waste their money. In my case, I have subsidized housing, Medicaid, and SNAP (Food Stamps). I go into that on my SSI Site. For those that will want a breakdown of all of my income, the following is applied. I receive $943 in SSI, and $22.10 in DPA benefit. My SNAP will cover all of my food, and therefore, my food will be $0.

My income will be $965. As mentioned, this does not include my SNAP. Because I don’t have bills such as cable TV, or expenses such as cigarettes, I have a significant discretionary spending amount. My bills are $555, and that leaves me with $410 in discretionary spending. However, some if not all of this money is spent on things such as eating out, acquiring music, renting movies, or other things that are not expected on day to day bills and expenses.

Once a month, I will withdraw my annual bills, and when needed, I will then deposit money that I will need to put into my checking account. At which point, I will go to a CVS pharmacy, and add the funds there. This will be done through an app on my phone to provide a bar code, and I hand the representative the cash that will need to be deposited.