My expenses are just that – expenses. One may question whether I need everything I have, but every three months, I justify my bills. This means I audit myself and ask am I benefiting from this expense. If the answer is no – I will likely terminate the service. To keep things simple, I would groups a couple sets of bills into a category. For example. all of my telephone services are grouped together as telephone. Everything all together will equate to about $545/month which gives me some money for discretionary spending, or miscalculations on the budget. All of my bills are listed as below and rounded up to the next $5 increment:

  • Amazon Prime: $10/month
  • Annual: $140/month
  • Food: SNAP
  • Hygiene: $15/month
  • Internet: $10/month
  • Rent: $265/month
  • Telephone: $40/month
  • Transportation: $60/month
  • Viber: $5/month