I have a few telephone numbers. This might seem like overkill, but each number serves a role. My [Cellular] Number is my primary number. I have a fax number which is $5.00 + pages received. I don’t send faxes, but will be able to if need be. I also have two [International] Numbers.

The [Cellular] Number is my primary number. It is the one I give to everyone when they ask for my telephone number. Since this is a cellular number, the phone service goes with me everywhere I go. I also get 5GB of data per month. I pay for my cellular telephone line on the 27th of May.

The second is my [Fax] Number. This is an e-fax service which provides a fax number, and any faxes received will be delivered to my email account as a .pdf file. If I needed to send a fax, I will create the .pdf file, and attach it to an email intended to go to the fax server which will send the fax to the appropriate number. I pay for my fax number on the 3rd of the month.

Next, I have 2 [International] Numbers (CA, and UK). As of 2023-07-27, my cellular provider provides free calling to these three countries. However, if I was to call out to these countries, they will see my [Cellular] Number. The international numbers are SIP numbers which connects via a SIP client on my cellular phone. You will not see either of my SIP numbers on the Caller ID. I pay for my international numbers on the 27th of the month.