Local Bank Branch?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a local bank branch. This does makes things a little inconvenient, but I am able to work around it. My largest issue is converting cash. For example, I might want to change a $50 note to two $20s, and a $10. Many banks local to me don’t want to do business with you unless you are a customer. My best hopes is to go to a Chase Bank, and let them I have 2 credit cards with them, and therefore a customer. As for deposits, I can deposit checks electronically. As for cash, I will have to use a CVS¬†not inside a Target. To make the deposit, I will need to use the bank’s app to generate a barcode that the clerk will scan and take my cash. The money is in my account within seconds – so that is the most convenient means I have.

One may ask why would I have a bank without a local branch. Well, when trying to get a credit card, my bank was the only one that would give me a card. With that in mind, I felt they would deserve my business since they were willing to give me a product. And while I have 2 credit cards with Chase, it is not convenient to change banks due to recertification for subsidized housing. Still, I like my current bank, so I have no plans for changing. Also, Chase does not offer a free checking account, and I don’t feel that I should have to pay for the privilege of being their customer.