Major Purchases

Depending on the month at hand will depend on if and which major purchase is required to be paid for. In example, my mailing address is $360/year, and due in February. However, my hosting company charges $170/year on January. My [Cellular] Number is $205 and due in May. I am sure you get the picture. Whatever is left after paying my bills will be held over for things such as a new telephone, or new computer. By doing it this way, I don’t get a significant blow to my budget on any one month.

Another instance of major purchases is to replace my shoes, or eye glasses. In addition to that, if I should ever need a new computer, phone, or printer – I will rely on the funds for here. I don’t set aside money for a particular thing, but all of my major purchases goes into my cash fund, and as needed (and if affordable) – any replacement of items.