I have two hosting providers – each serving a purpose. I guess you can say I have customer loyalty to one, and use the other for just one purpose. However, for now – I am able to afford paying for both hosting companies.

The first hosting company is Dreamhost. This is my primary hosting company and hosts all of my non .tel domains with exception of one. The page you are reading now is being hosting on Dreamhost. The other personal sites, contact sites, and domain site is all with Dreamhost. The only reason for the other hosting company is they have better support for auto-replies. With Dreamhost, I budget $15/month, and pay monthly.

Next is Host Gator. This hosting company host one domain which redirects to my Email site. This hosting company supports all of my auto-replies, and makes using the auto-replies easier. However, I had yet to actually FTP into my hosting account which I haven’t been able to do. One of these days, I might inquire on how to enter my site, but since I was able to upload an .htaccess file, I am OK for now. For Host Gator, I budget $15/month and pay every 3 years.