Not counting my residential address, I have two addresses. There maybe question as to why I have two, and I will note that in this page. One address is used for mail, and is my public address. The second address is used for deliveries such as purchases from Amazon.

The first address is my PO Box. The initial reason of acquiring the PO Box is I had to provide an address for my registry information for the domains I host. The PO Box is to provide a private way of providing this information. Simply put, I do not want 8 million people knowing where I live. With that in mind, I acquired a PO Box in the city’s center which is good because I currently live in the same neighborhood as my PO Box. My box is budgeted for $10/month, but paid annually.

The second address is a shipping address for when my PO Box is not a valid option. The second address is a physical street address with a unique box number that is for my address (similar to addressing an apartment). This address however requires at least one bus to get there, and with that in mind – is a bit inconvenient. Because of that, my PO Box remains for convenience. My box is budgeted for $35/month but paid annually.