Cash Fund

A Cash Fund is money I have set aside to pay for things that either are only as needed, or for annual bills. The prices will vary, and everything is can be a significant, or impossible cost without a Cash Fund. Everything that is needed will be acquired as needed as long as I have enough in the fund. If I don’t have enough in the fund, I will either have to save up, or use a credit card. Obviously, the decision will depend on the circumstance, but still decided as needed. The items below will typically not needed to be acquired on a multi-year basis. For example, my telephone might be every 3 years while my shoes or printer is every 10 years. Such are noted as below:

  • Computer
  • Eye Glasses
  • Printer
  • Shoes
  • Telephone

In addition, there are charges that hits me annually. The goal is to have the various charges to hit me on different months to not be as significant of an impact. For example, my hosting is charged on January where my Cellular Number is May. All of these bills hits my credit card, then I will pay my card with the money that would have been pulled for the Cash Fund.

  • Domain Registrar Fees
  • Hosting
  • Mailing Address
  • PC Backup Services
  • Refunding Transit Card
  • [Cellular] Number

As mentioned, these charges are technically hitting my credit card, but with the payment on the credit card, it will mean that I will not have do deposit money into my account to pay the charges.